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About the Terrestrial Services Program in ROMBO

ROMBO for transportation logistics has Pyramid software.
Pyramid is a software that is connected to ROMBO and receives online all the information that has to do with transport, so that it consolidates, receives, orders and organizes all that information in a unique way.
Pyramid has a record of all of the Client's services, information that Booking is coming from, country, wholesaler, date and time of service; From there, it is moved to a Service Agenda where the responsible person is able to decide with which Carrier will give the service, with which Driver, in which mobile unit, if it requires a specialized Guide, etc.
Pyramid connects with all Transportation Providers, consolidates services, has contact with Bus Drivers, etc.

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018

About the Hotels Rate

The Hotels Rate is very interesting, starting with the possibility of having tariffs of the desired countries, with their regions and sub-regions, as well as being able to have rates of the same hotel for High, Low, Green season, for Wholesalers, etc.
It has a direct connection with the information of the Provider; children's policies, characteristics of the rooms, offers in low season.
The Hotel Rate is connected to a system that prevents errors caused by the user when quoting.
Rates for groups, food policies and many things among others ...
Discover the Power of ROMBO!

martes, 17 de abril de 2018

About the ROMBO Quote

The ROMBO Quote allows: quotes for FIT's, Groups, Wholesalers and Direct.
It allows to quote in 3 languages: English, Spanish, German. From the Quote you can reuse packages or pre-established circuits many times and for different days, rates, seasons, etc.
Take control of costs for both the Agency and the intermediaries or end customer.
It contains an Error Control that is in itself a system that warns of possible errors of the users and stops them until the same user manages to solve the situation.
From the Quote you can send customized itineraries, Reservations to suppliers, Vouchers and even Management Reports and Accounts Payable Reports ... among many other things!

Dare and start using it in your company right now!

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lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Philosophy of ROMBO Software for Tour Operators

ROMBO Software was designed to literally help simplify the tasks of every company dedicated to Receptive Tourism. Our idea was always to concentrate the information so that it can be easier to access, we think of Tariffs for any time of the year, any type of Provider, any country, with its region and tourist area.
We think of a Software that allows not to learn 'codes' or complicated structures ... quotes of 30 days of permanence can be done in no more than about 10 minutes ...
ROMBO has a very structured way to handle Packages or Tour circuits of several days. It allows you to create Itineraries tailored to the needs of the Client ...
ROMBO allows you to Confirm Services, send Vouchers, Reservations to the required Services, Accounts Payable Reports and Accounts Receivable ...
Consolidate tour services, consolidate transportation services, management reports, supplier reports and many other things ...
ROMBO is an EASY TO USE, FUN, and constantly improving system!

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Did you know that ROMBO Management Software for Receptive Tourism can help you with a few clicks to provide a Quotation, a Custom Itinerary, vouchers, Reservations to Suppliers and more?
Discover it right now!
We sell you from a user license, up to 30 or more ...
info@rombosoftware.com, +506 85354295, Skype: aabarquero
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