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Tour Operator : Tailor Made Itineraries and Quotations

Incoming Tourism Agency and Tour Operator: You look for a Software that allows you to make Tailor Made Quotes and Itineraries, ROMBO DOES IT! ACQUIRE IT TODAY !!! #software #tailoring #tourism #touroperator #touroperador #apavit #asoptur #canatur #inguat #calitur #peru #mexico #guatemala #honduras #madrid #rome #brazil #paraguay #argentina #chile #panama #bolivia #ecuador #belice #cuba #latinamerica #latam Email:

lunes, 25 de junio de 2018

What is ROMBO Software - A first look!

What is ROMBO Software?

A question that many professionals of Receptive Tourism do! Then we provide the following explanatory video in a first exploration of the capabilities of ROMBO, in which it consists, the different modules, etc.
This video is a series of explanatory videos that we will be providing in the next days and that is available for every Receptive Agency, Tour Operator, Carrier and Tour Guide.
This video is in Spanish language!

Tourism Businessman of Latin America: Do you need IT Consulting, a Custom Software Solution?

In ROMBO Software we also offer Consulting in Information Technologies applicable to Tourism, we can also design, analyze and develop Database Software tailored to your company, Internet connection, web pages, social networks, specific applications for iPads, iPhones and mobile devices!
More than 20 years of IT experience applied to Inbound Tourism in Latin America
Ph.: +506 8535 4295 , Skype: aabarquero , Email:
#filemaker #latinamerica #tourism #touroperator #tourismconsulting

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martes, 19 de junio de 2018

ROMBO Software is a suite of integrated modules - SPECIAL PRICE

ROMBO Software is a suite of integrated modules where you can control almost all the operation of your Receptive Tourism company: a Tour Operator, a Carrier, a Receptive Agency can BENEFIT from the versatility and functionality that results in very short response times, management control, coordinated operation of land services and tour guides, etc.

ROMBO Software will have a SPECIAL PRICE on solutions from 1 license to 10 licenses. The validity is from June 19 to June 22, 2018 until 4 pm.

Tourism Entrepreneur take advantage of these moments and make a good investment!
Order the licenses you need right now:, +506 85354295.

Examples of special reports:

sábado, 16 de junio de 2018

Upcoming trips in July and August 2018

Upcoming trips in the months of July and August: Mexico, CDMX and Colombia.
We are offering the latest version for Tour Operators that require 5, 7, 10 or more User licenses.
For more information, please write us o call us:, +506 8535 4295, Skype: aabarquero

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-. Database of Clients (Wholesalers, Direct Clients, Agencies, Tour Operators, Brokers, Retailers, etc.)
-. Rate Database (Hotel Rates, Special Hotel Rates, Tour Rates, Private Transportation Rates, Collective Transportation, Air Transportation, River Transportation, Rentacars)
-. Database of Country, Regions or Destinations and Subregions
-. Databases of Service Providers
-. Database of Drivers and Transportation Providers
-. Quote for Direct Customers, Wholesale Customers or Agencies, Groups
-. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
-. Reports to Suppliers
-. Reports to Wholesalers
-. Sales Reports
-. Management Reports for sales projection by date range
-. Consolidation of Tours provided by the company
-. Management and Reuse of Plans, Packages and Circuits
-. Management and Reuse of Quotes
-. Database of Naturalist, Cultural Guides, etc

That emits ROMBO to the Clients:
-. Quotes in 4 languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, German). -. Itineraries in the same 4 languages ​​with photographs.
-. Reservations to Suppliers
-. Vouchers to Suppliers and Clients

Security Factors:
-. Error Control to avoid mistakes made by users -. Use Control by security levels for users

Factors of Use of ROMBO:
-. Easy to use
-. Easily scalable
-. Information security

Representations of ROMBO Software in some Countries

To all the international community of Receptive Tourism we would like to inform you with great pleasure the countries represented by ROMBO SOFTWARE:

Costa Rica

Coming soon in Panama!
ROMBO continues to grow, invests in this remarkable business solution for Tour Operators, Receptive Tourism Agencies, Carriers and Tour Guides

lunes, 11 de junio de 2018

Businessman Tour Operator, important announcement!

ROMBO Software announces the following Licensing Packages, valid from this moment until September 30, 2018:

-. Package of 2 User licenses
-. Package of 5 User licenses, with 1 special license for the Server
-. Package of 7 User licenses with 1 special license for the Server
-. Package of 10 User licenses with 1 special license for the Server
-. Package of 15 User licenses with 1 special license for the Server
-. Package of 20 User licenses with 1 or 2 special licenses for Servers

In all cases we will send you Hardware and Operating Systems requirements for its functionality.
They can request Quotation Offer to the mail:
Inquiries to the Telephone (Whatsapp): 00506 8535 4295 or by Skype: aabarquero
You can request an appointment to see a DEMO or send them a DEMO to the indicated address.

jueves, 7 de junio de 2018

The challenge of all Tour Operators in the use of Technology

The use of Technology and IT tools in the Receptive Tourism sector is fundamental, but it is important that the Tour Operator take into account the following considerations beforehand:

-. What target market do you want to attack?
-. How many collaborators do you need to achieve the goal?
-. What is the internal distribution of responsibilities, what is the departmental conformation?
-. Are you clear about the internal processes of logistics, control and management?
-. With what financial resources do you count? Investment and return periods?
-. Healthy accounting and financial management
-. Are you clear about the Hardware and Software resources you need for optimal use?
-. What is the differentiation of services that you want to show the world and how do you want to sell and market them?
-. Do you want Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Sustainability Policies?
-. Clearly understand the obsolence and continuity of computing resources
-. Do you want to achieve Captive and Satisfied Customers or Clients that only receive a benefit for the service obtained?
-. Maintain a research attitude of the technological tools that best suit your needs?
-. Understand clearly the importance of keeping the hardware and software resources in good condition and as current as possible.

The Operator Tour that has all these points clear and always seeks to take care of its resources, both human and technological, will show the End Client a Serious, Reliable and Friendly Profile ... it is a clear path to Success and the achievement of its commercial goals!

martes, 5 de junio de 2018

Latin America Tour Operators - Offer

Micro and Small Business Operator Tour: due to the success obtained with the Offer of $435 USD one license and $635 USD 2 licenses, we propose the Offer for a period of June 5 and 6. The payment is from Contado and if you want a DEMO to value it we ask you to send us an email with the company's data and contact to give them the web address so that they can download it only for the 5th of June.

It is a great opportunity to obtain a tool of power and efficiency! Tel .: +506 8535 4295,

lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

TOUR OPERATOR : from having nothing to almost everything in a Click!

ROMBO is a database that contains everything necessary to manage the daily work of a Tour Operator, a Tourism Carrier, a Receptive Tourism Agency ... the only management that does not develop is the Accounting of the Company because it is considered a activity that varies between each company!

ROMBO allows to have Rate Intelligence, allows Quotations to a few people, Groups, Wholesalers ... ROMBO allows to send Itineraries with Photographs to Clients, allows to send Vouchers, send Reservations to Suppliers, issue many Reports as Accounts Payable, Accounts For Collecting, Management Reports, Productivity, etc.

Through PYRAMID you can manage all the Transport generated by all the users in a softeare integrated to the ROMBO.

ROMBO is especially useful for companies with 1 to 50 users, in other words, from small to medium-sized companies.

Many Tour Operators in the many trips we make, beautiful and attractive tourist places have nothing to object ... a computer that through Word and Excel makes your quotes, reservations, manages transport ... etc.

Many Tour Operators believe that the Software is Free or can be copied, and the most advanced ones want that it pays only a few dollars to obtain an intelligent Software and that is able to administer everything ...

ROMBO is available, has been tested in the last 12 years with great success!

We offer from 1 license, to packages of 5 users, 10, 15, 20 or more user licenses! It is a SMART INVESTMENT!

viernes, 1 de junio de 2018


Many Tour Operators and Transporters want this in terms of Technology:
-. Pay the minimum for a Software (cheap is expensive) that is your Secretary, respond to customers, pay the bills and be the driver of the bus and alone feed the rates.

Few Tour Operators, Carriers and Receptive Tourism Agencies want this in terms of Technology:
-. Investigate and make a good Investment in Software, do not let yourself be carried away by fear or by negative voices that say so that you spend so much ..
-. They ask for information, they ask all the necessary questions, they visualize their situation in the future.
-. They ask for a Demonstration of the Software and they value it.
-. They trust and want to generate future relationships between the software developer and the company.
-. They grow and prosper because of their Vision!

On which side you are! ROMBO TO GROW!

Software para Tour Operadores en Latinoamerica a la MEDIDA

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