sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

Inbound Tour Operator Software ROMBOv1.6 for Latinoamerican people, made for Costa Rican people!

ROMBO made for tourism specialists in Costa Rica is a powerful multiuser software solution! We want to use it and feel easy to use, easy implementation!

ROMBO it´s a intelligent investment!

ROMBO has all you need in your Tour Operator Office!

ROMBO it´s growing and growing...be part of us!

This is the moment to install in your office...ROMBO it´s strong!

Call us: +506 8358 3675 , Write us: alejandro@proyectonautylus.co.cr , You need a demo presentation?: Skype: aabarquero

You need a smart office, You need control, You need a Tailor Made Bookings for your Clients...
You need be different!

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